Dogs Weird Habits: Why Do Dogs Lick? Find Out Here

The dog is the man’s best friend. We all agreed that statement since we always choose to play with our pet especially the dog. But there are some weird habits that you may face when you’re playing with your dog including licking you. Yes, we know that they lick because they love you like your owner. But how about the other habits? In this article, let us answer your question about “why do dogs lick and make other weird habits that we may not think about it ?”.

Why Do Dogs Lick and Make Other Weird Habits?

You might curious about your pet does. Cats are often stroking their fur to you and usually clawed you, dogs often lick you and move its tail in a fast and weird way. Well, let us see if you can find out the cause of these odd habits happened, at least for you additional information about taking care a pet.

1.    Why do dogs chew objects?

We know this problem. You must be annoyed that your dog chewing on paws and other objects. They are same as babies; curious if the object they hold is food or not, or something right for them. The solution is: you have to provide the pet toy your dog can chew and give it to your dog or place it near your dog’s bed. Choose the toy that has a unique design so your dog will be more curious about it rather than ordinary objects like a lamp, flower vase or pillow.

2.    Why do dogs bark?

Once again, barking is usual for a dog. It is showing that your dog is regular and active, and can be the ‘alarm’ for you if you forget something or if there is danger near you. But if your dog often barks and become noisy, you must solve that bad habit. Not by yelling at your dog, because they will consider it as ‘playing’ and thinking that “you must be barking too, let’s bark each other.” The solution is: you have to identify that maybe your dog is stressed or under pressure. Perhaps your dog also has some disease, and maybe, your dog is merely noisy.

3.    Why do dogs lick?

You often think that when your dog’s lick, it is a sign that your dog loves you. Yes, you are correct. But the right thing is that because your dog likes the salty taste on your skin. There are no specific dogs that lick people excessively, all is same.  If you are uncomfortable licked by your dogs, the solution is: you can provide salt lick to your dog. They will lick it.

4.    Why do dogs dig around?

This is the best habit that dog may have, but can also become worst if your dog is always digging in wrong places, such as your beautiful, neat garden. It is normal because your dog has some curiosity on what is under the land and also it is natural because they have a sense of hunting. The solution is: you can provide the space for your dog to dig.

5.    Why do dogs bite?

Not only dog licks paws excessively, they also bite. This is the worst habit. Bite every time your dog see you is not proper. We also don’t exactly know what your dog means when they bite you, but if it’s cat, it is the sign that they want to play with you. Cats often bite and clawed you because they consider you as a toy, so maybe same as a dog. Dogs may regard you as a toy, so you better be patient. The solution is: give your dog something to chew or bite, or if the constantly bite you, gently scold them.

6.    Why are dogs aggressive?

The dangerous thing that can happen is not only that your dog constantly licks lips, but they can be aggressive to others. It is because they may have bad experience with a human so they are afraid that human would hurt them again. Aggressive dogs can harm you if you don’t know how to behave. The solution is: don’t scold them if they are wrong but give them an example to do the right thing. It is hard when you already have an aggressive adult dog, but if you plan to have another puppy, make sure you have a good relationship with your puppy. Socialize and playing more is the key.

7.    Why do dogs chase?

Beside “why do dogs lick”, there is another question: “why do dogs chase”? If your dog always does this, this must be the sign that they are happy and healthy. It is the natural habit of dogs because dogs are considered to be more active than other pet. But if you find your dog often chasing around and looks like they want to hurt people, you must be careful because maybe it is a sign that your dog is aggressive. The solution is: teach them some simple tricks such as sit, come and stay. When your dog is chasing someone, you can start by calling your dog with that method.

8.    Why do dogs stealing foods?

There is another case as same as “why does my dog lick everything”. It is stealing food and eat them. The reason why dogs love foods so much because they are just an animal. Same as us, they also like food and often finding the food their owner make with their nose. There is no solution for this: you must be kind-hearted enough to them at least 1/3 piece of your food. Otherwise, they will steal it from you. Yes. They can be a thief, too.

So, we think that we already answer your question about “why do dogs lick and make other weird habits?”. That being said, their habits are not bad, but if they do it excessively, it will be dangerous both for your dog, for you and other people. The socialization is the key to maintaining your dog’s habits.

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