Things You Should Know About Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Seeing dog happy and healthy is the dream of all dog’s owner. We don’t want our dog to have a fatal disease or have a disability, except if you as the owner already decide that you want to adopt a dog with a physical disability. As we may know, a healthy dog requires a grooming and right way of taking care of it from its owner. Beside proper treatment, there are so many things you need to aware, such as disease. In this article, we would like to inform you about Addison's disease in dogs, from the symptoms, treatments until prevention for it.

Eight Things About Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s disease that attack dogs already become one of the best-known illnesses that attack dogs. This condition can cause your dogs become weak, having a high blood pressure and even the worst scenario: death. Before this disease attack your dog, let’s get to know about the Addison's disease in dogs.

1.  What is Addison’s disease? Is addison's disease fatal in dogs?

It is a disease that attacks your dog’s immune system by damaging and destroying some particular essential cells that produce your dog energy. This condition can cause severe consequences if you don’t treat your dog better after your dog is diagnosed with this disease. The Addison’s disease can make your dogs feeling weak, have a high blood pressure, have nausea, even can lead to death.

2.  What cause Addison’s disease attack your dog?

Many things can stimulate Addison's disease to attack your dog’s body. It is probably because of the immune system your dog has. If you are always letting your dog playing outside and never clean them after that, that may give gap to the disease to enter the body and attack your dog. It is because the dirty shape of your dog will invite the germs and bacteria and make your dog’s sick.

3.  What is Addison’s disease in dogs symptoms?

Some signs would let you know your dog is In danger. If you see your dog have a movement issue like; cannot walk properly, increase the urination, looks stressed and depressed (you can see it from their face), it would be the sign of Addison's disease. The decreased appetite, having diarrhea, is shaking, have a low temperature on your dog’s body and have hyperpigmentation, also can be concluded those signs of the Addison’s disease symptoms. There are more dangerous signs you must know, so check your dog to nearest veterinarian immediately.

4.  Is there any kind of breeds with high chance to be attacked by Addison’s disease?

Yes, there are few breeds that known to have a higher chance to be attacked by this disease, but that doesn’t mean the races exclude that are free of this illness. Some veterinarian believes that West Highland white terrier, Great Danes, Portuguese water dog, Wheaten terries, Standard poodle, bearded collies are having a risk to be attacked when you as the owner did not plan the regular treatment on your dog.

5.  Addison's disease symptoms treatment

If you are so inevitable that your dog has Addison’s disease, you may immediately ask your veterinarian for the treatment. Unfortunately, Addison’s disease cannot be cured once it attacks your dog’s immune system. But there is another way to extend your dog lifespan: you can ask for therapy for your dog. This will require patience because some dogs cannot be calm and silent when the doctor is doing therapy. But there is also the medical treatment your dog can receive. You may ask the vet for complete information.

6.  Addison's disease dog treatment cost

If you take a therapy choice to cure your dog of Addison’s disease, the price may vary depending on how is the level of Addison’s disease your dog has, on how your dog can behave when your dog is treated and soon. The cost range is between $200 - $300. Pricey but have a little risk to harm your dog even more (rather than a medical option). But If you want to choose the medical treatment, the cost would be from $75 -$100 per month. That is divided to a lot of medicine (usually in a tablet form) that cost $0.35 per tablet.

7.  Is therapy choice better than medical treatment?

We would say that anything that is not related to chemical content is safe. It is because all of the medicine from clinic have chemical substance in it that cure your dog just in the beginning; the risk of your dog getting sicker with another disease is higher when you choose the medical treatment. But as you may know, therapy needs patience because the result takes a long time to proved and the cost is pricey.

8.  How can I prevent Addison’s disease in dogs?

No treatment is better than prevent your self before the disease come and attack you, whether it is therapy or giving your dog addison disease dog supplements. Most of the prevention are related to a lifestyle you planned for your dog. As the owner, you must know what your dog needs, know when your dog is happy or stressed and soon. Always groom and brushed them to prevent fleas.

Also, don’t forget to bathe them once a week or after your dog played outside. The outside environment has a ton of germs and bacteria that would cause your dog sick. When your dog is ill, it is same as you give open the gate for the disease to enter into your dog’s body. Don’t forget to always double check the food quality you give to your dog. If you have a dog with a higher risk of getting Addison’s disease, then the treatment must be upgraded to the next level. Make sure all of your dog’s need is fulfilled.

Those are the information about Addison’s disease in dogs we could inform you. You can go to the nearest veterinarian for further information. Remember always to take care of your dog to make it stay healthy and happy.

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