The German Shepherd Wolf Mix Characteristics That You Should Know

If you already have a German Shepherd Wolf Mix at home as your lovely pet, then make sure you know some of their characteristics on the list below. Also, for those who are still wondering about which dog breed they should adopt, reading the list below would be pretty important since it will help you in explaining every facts and detail about this wolf dog. Now, simply read the ten numbered list below to get to know your dogs better.

Here are the 10 basic characteristics of a German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

1. The appearance is tall with a dense coat

This breed is characterized by its tall body and also the dense coat. Also, the coat is ranged from many kinds of colors like white-phased, black phased, grizzle sable and many others. For the weighs, it depends on the age and the genetics of the dogs as well as the diet. As the average breeder, it usually weighs around 60 to 120 pounds. Another beautiful point of this dog is its eyes which are sharp and remarkably sensitive.

2. Experimented by a Germany captain

In 1899, Captain Max von Stephanitz began an experiment in dog breeding. At that time, he was the one who came up with the idea of wolf-like dog. After buying a dog, he learnt much about the dog descendants and until years later, the German Shepherd breed existed. Going to the following years, the German breed was crossbred to the wolf breed which produced this wolf mix dog.

3. The typical wolf characteristics start to show up since adolescence

If you raise the German Shepherd Wolf Mix since they it is a puppy, then you might not see any wolf behavior in your pet. Instead, they will behave like the common dogs, playful and friendly. However, when they begin to grow into adolescence, it is better to keep on watching their more wolf-like behaviors which caused by the hormonal factors. Things you can do is just let these changes happen and keep on supervising your dog from any possible harm.

4. Prepare for a large secure fence

As the part wolf part dog breed, this pet is not pretty recommended to be raised around children or other small pets, like cats and rabbits. If you leave them in a yard while you are not a home, make sure you build a large and strong fence to prevent your pet from escaping. With its large body, destroying a usual fence can possibly happen especially when they are feeling destructive or bored. Besides, another dog company separated with fence may reduce their boredom as they are naturally social animals.

5. Feed them with protein-rich dog food

Instead of feeding them with instant dog food that you can easily buy at the store, you need to provide high protein food to your Wolf Mix dog. Raw chicken, beef or turkey can are some food that contain high protein. Besides, uncooked bones or whole bones are also the perfect food to feed your dog with since they are full of calcium, minerals and vitamin as well. Thus, you can maintain your dog’s health with this great food.

6. A wolf-dog needs to be supervised when they are around children

Numbers of child death caused by wolfdog happen because there is no supervision while the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is around children. Kids usually do something that cause pain to the dogs accidentally. Thus, the dog will fight back along with its wolf tendencies as the act to protect itself.

7. Give your dog one to two hours of exercise in a day

As an energetic dog, this German Shepherd part wolf needs several times to exercise in a day. Here, you can bring your dog for a walk for around one or two hours. After that, you can continue by allowing your dog to spend the rest of the exercise time roaming in the strong fenced backyard. In this place, they can explore and play freely and spend as much as energy they have.

8. There are some specific process in training the breeds

Training a dog requires a lot of patience and consistency. Different breed of dog then the training process will be different depends on the characteristics of each dog. The most important is to know what your dog likes and dislikes. For the training of this German Shepherd Wolf Mix, several specific training process and strategies are needed in case your pet shows its wolf instinct at any unexpected moment. Thus, a successful training can be achieved.

9. Groom the pets at least twice a week.

Both German Shepherd and German Shepherd Wolf Mix are dog breed with the thick and heavy coat. For the wolf-dog breed, the thick coat is needed to keep their body warm during winter or cold season. However, when the winter is over, the coat likely gets shed. Thus, a routine groom around twice a week is needed, especially in the eye area and behind the ears.

10. German Shepherd Wolf Mix are not prone to diseases

Compared to other dog breeds, this part wolf dog is much healthier since they are not prone to some kinds of dog health issues. However, proper health care still highly needs to prevent your pets from getting such kinds of parasites like ticks, heartworms, and fleas. Also, dog vaccine is strongly recommended to free your pets from rabies, canine diseases, parvovirus and many other diseases. Simply take your dog to the nearest pet clinics or vet for the routine health checking. 

Those are the basic information that you should know about these German Shepherd Mix Wolf dog breeds. Understand their natural instinct as a part-wolf and part-dog pet since it may occur at any time without anyone expects. In other words, for the safety of your pets and other people around, you need to keep on watching your pets and recognize their behavior.

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