How to Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier Puppies in a Good Mood?

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are one of the most playful dog breeds that you can have as a pet. These little puppies are very lovely, independent and also clever. Historically, terrier breed was found by an England priest who wanted to hunt foxes. Eventually, he brought a white terrier that great at hunting foxes. Another skill of these cute and lovely puppies is to dig on a big hole in a short time. If you have one at home, you may need to know on some tips that you can apply to make your puppies stay in a good mood.

Here are the tips to keep your Jack Russell Terrier Puppies in a good mood.

1. Train your dog from an early age

Since Terrier puppies learn quickly, you can teach them simple commands of obedience. You need to remember that early age puppies will understand some short session trainings. So, start to teach them from some short commands, like the order to sit, stand up, down and many others. Because these breeds are pretty active, you can use their energy to learn these simple trainings from early age. 

2. Take your dog to a dog obedience school

If you want to get a better dog training, you can put your pet in a dog obedience school to learn many things. Besides, your dog will also be in a good mood since they will socialize with many other dogs. Thus, you can a have a well-trained and good dog through some useful exercises that you can adopt from the class of dog obedience school.

3. Appreciate your dog with some rewards

When you train your puppy or give a command, you can provide them some rewards to appreciate their obedience. It can be a dog biscuit, a snack, a small piece of chicken or cheese and many others. Also, saying good words to these Jack Russell Terrier Puppies after they obey your commands can keep their mood good, such as “good boy”, “smart dog”, etc.

4. Bring your dog to a real socialization condition

Socialization is also one of the most important trainings you can apply to your dog. Bring them to other dogs and socialize with other people may introduce your Jack Russell breeds to a new situation of proper interaction. If not, your dog might be a coward dog that can’t easily control their fears by running, biting or barking aggressively.

5. Don’t bring your dog to socialize if they are too tired or afraid

When your dog doesn’t feel comfortable to socialize with other dogs or animals, there is no need to insist them to do it. Moreover, don’t push them to interact too hard or consistently because it may scare them or turn them into aggressive dog. Instead of making their mood good, you only get your dog behave uncontrollably. Simply ask them slowly. Also, remember that patient is the most important thing in training your dog.

6. Keep watching on your dog while interacting with other dogs

When you bring your puppies outside or going to a park where they can play with other dogs, you still need to keep on watching them. Originally, Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are born as hunting dogs. In case their natural habits come out, you need to handle them by doing some exercises or many other distractions to keep their mood good. Thus, they won’t be aggressive and hurt themselves or even hurt other animals or people around them.

7. Make sure you don’t lift the dog while approaching other dogs

Lifting your dog while approaching other dogs can cause them to be nervous or even aggressive. When your pet is around some other dogs, you just need to let them interact each other. If the other dogs do harmful things or disturb your pet, you may lift your Jack Russell puppy to bring them to other places. Simply leave the area and bring your dog to the other safer place so that they won’t fight or cause any injury or harm.

8. Stop your dog from chasing other animals

You need to realize whether your dog like to chase other animals, like cats. If they like to do this, make sure they don’t do this too much. Here, you can do many things to stop them from doing this bad habit. You can distract them by commanding them to sit or to stay for a while because chasing other animals may injure your dog or even injure other animals to get hurt or cause an accident.

9. Do the play and dog walk at least twice a week

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are mostly smart and active puppies. Thus, you can take them to a dog walk or play throw and catch for twice a week. Also, in this game, you can teach them some commands, such as to put the ball, to sit and many others. Besides, these activities can also help them to burn some of their energy so that they will keep being in a good mood.

10. Feed your dog with nutritious food

There are many kinds of dog food that you can give to your pet. Here, you need to consider the ingredients and instructions written in the package before you feed your dog. For the Jack Russell puppies, you can choose the food with no grains or preservatives. Also, adjust the portions based on the age, body size and the level of activity.

Based on the lists above, you can pick the best one or some of the tips to be applied to your Jack Russell Terrier Puppies so that they will always be in a good mood. Also, the useful tips above can be used as the references to training your dogs by yourself. Thus, you can get a well-trained dog with good behavior, independent and clever. To conclude, if you want to get your Jack Russell Terrier in a stable mood, it is possible to follow the easy tips above daily.

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