The Cons and the Alternatives to Substitute the Electric Fence for Dogs

Electric fence for dogs is a kind of method that uses the electricity to secure the dog’s area. It is usually equipped with the electric collar too. When the dog is approaching the fence, an electric shock will emerge from the collar connected to the fence so that the dog won’t come near the built fence. Here, there will be some reasons against this method as well as the alternatives that you can apply to substitute this harmful method for the security and the safety of your dog.

Now, Let’s Start From The Disadvantages Caused By Using The Electric Fence For Dogs

1.      Requires a good training between the owner and the dog

When you decide to use this electric dog fence for the safety and the security of your dogs, then you need to do a complete train in applying this method. Though the protocols for training the dog are already provided by the fencing company, this training usually costs some more time to learn and doesn’t fully guarantee the success of the method since it depends on the dogs’ behavior and the owner as well.

2.      It doesn’t fully protect your pets from other predators

The invisible electric fence you use for your pets may protect them from leaving the area. However, it can’t prevent the other animals from coming to the area of your pets. In other words, though you already apply this invisible fence, many wild animals may have access to the area of your pets and cause any harms, fights or dangers to your dogs.

3.      Contains both physical and psychological harm to your pets

There are many kinds of electric fence for dogs that you can apply. Unfortunately, most of them may risk both the physical and psychological aspects of your pets. Some produce a kind of tone or even an electric stimulus that can successfully shock the dog. Thus, it may lead your pets to easily get scared or anxious since they become more anticipated with the next shock that may occur.

4.      Power supply problems

The main power used for this method is electricity. When there is a kind of error occurs in your dog fence, the system won’t work and can’t protect your dog well which may cause them to escape. One of the electric problems most occurs is when the wire is accidentally cut so that the electricity can’t run well and immediately deactivate the system of your fencing.

5.      Keep maintaining each used accessories

Using a dog fence as the protection and the safety of your pets means that you need to purchase some additional accessories, like the collars, the batteries, the wire, etc. In this case, you need to be responsible for the ongoing expenses of the accessories, whether they are broken, out of battery or many others. Also, you need to cost more money while applying this method.

6.      Hardly recommended for some dogs in certain conditions

Using this electric power system may work well for some dogs. However, some typical dogs are not allowed to be guarded with this electric fence for dogs. When it comes to some pregnant dogs and the aggressive ones, they will be hardly recommended to use this fence. Aggressive dogs will turn much more aggressive. Also, you need to consult a vet before you apply this method to a pregnant dog.

7.      Your pets may get easily frustrated

Watching other dogs or neighbors’ dogs play easily with no boundaries may cause your pets to get easily frustrated. In fact, it is already their natural personality to interact and hang around with other dogs. If you draw a line in their area, they can’t freely interact with other animals or people beyond the boundaries. As a result, it may probably turn a nice dog into the aggressive one or even worse.

Based on the cons above, you may need some references to substitute your electric dog fence, as follows.

1.        Building the actual fence

One of the easiest and the safest ways to protect your pets is by building the actual fence. Many possible materials can be used to build a fence that can protect your dogs, such as the wire materials or thin plastic. Thus, instead of using the electric fence for dogs, simply create your fence which can be much safer and much protective both for your dogs and the predators that may come. Also, you can include certain training to improve your dog’s skills through this homemade conventional fence.

2.        Teach your dog the behavioral training

Indeed, training dogs take several times to do. One of the most popular training called the behavioral training. Teach your dogs to notice your call, so that they will always obey your call and come to you even though they are outside the yard or even being unchained. Simply follow several instructions to apply this training which is much more humane and less harmful than the pet electric fencing systems.

3.        Nearly invisible friendly fence

This method works nearly the same with the first alternative. However, in this method, the fence that you build will be nearly invisible from a distance since it is made of high-tech materials. Later, the polypropylene plastic used here may cause the fence to be pretty impossible to see if it is not from close. Also, this method is believed to be physically less harmful and much effective to protect your pets from other wild animals.

After reading the article above, you may weigh or consider some disadvantages that could affect your pets if you apply the electric fence for dogs. Training may take a longer time to teach your dogs to behave. However, it would be much natural and less harmful to the dogs. So, here, think again before you apply this system for the sake of your pets. To provide you with some useful references, simply use one of the best alternatives above to substitute the electronic dog fence with other safer methods.

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