Tibetan Mastiff for Sale is Worth Purchased

Originally from Tibet, this dog breed may grow huge when they are adults. Also, the locals protect their sheeps from some predators, like the tiger, wolves, and many others by using Tibetan Mastiff. Now, this dog breed is the rare one. If you find a Tibetan Mastiff for sale, don’t be surprised with its high price since this dog is very authentic, unique, and distinctive. Get to know more about some fascinating facts about this dog by reading the article below.

Some fascinating reasons why Tibetan Mastiff is worth to purchase. When it comes to dogs, most people will consider some points in adopting a certain kind of breed, like the Tibetan mastiff, that has its amazing characteristics to be your pet.

1. They are calm and reliable

Tibetan Mastiff breeders are mostly self-reliant. Also, they are calm and unwillingly to provoke. Even, they are good at taking control of some critical situations. It what makes Tibetan Mastiff as a reliable dog. Unlike other kinds of dog breeds, this Tibetan dog is pretty patient. Thus, though it is somehow expensive, it is worth to have since you can own a good pet to raise.

2. The best guarding dog

Having an instinct as a guarding dog, Tibetan Mastiff tends to stay in an outdoor area. Here, they get a feeling to keep looking after the territory around them. Simply, they need to make sure that everything is safe and no danger is detected to threat. One more amazing reason why Tibetan Mastiff for sale is always at a high price is that because they have an impressive bark which can beat down a lion if they are in two. 

3. They are huge dog with tall and long body

If you are looking for a cute and adorable pet, then Tibetan Mastiff can’t be part of your list. They might be cute when they are puppies, but growing up makes them becoming a huge dog with a tall and long body. Unlike a wolf-dog breed, they don’t own those kinds of sharp eyes. Instead, their eyes look like the old man’s, but they are pretty fast and light-footed.

4. They love exercises

If you find out a Tibetan Mastiff for sale and you are going to buy them, be ready to get some exercises.  Lack of exercises may cause them to get bored easily which can turn them into lazy dogs. To avoid this kind of thing, you need to bring them to some exercises environment to have some fresh air and burn their energy. Also, you can try to teach them some important commands as well.

5. They have served people for more than 2000 years

The Tibetan Mastiff ancestries were very close to people since they are guarding these people against any threatening danger that may occur around them. In other words, spending time with people is not something new for these large breeds. They are used to it, and they are exceptionally trusted for this. Thus, this expensive dog is worth to buy as your family’s pet as well as guarding dog.

6. They prefer cold climate

As you can see from its body specification that Tibetan Mastiff has a dense coat, especially around its neck which makes them look like a lion. This special characteristic shows that the breeders are much better to live in a cold climate environment that in the hot one. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t survive the hot climate. Surely they are capable of it, but the cold one is the proper environment for them to stay.

7. They learn quickly

You might be surprised with the intelligence of these dog breeds since they are pretty intellectual ones. When you teach them new commands, they will learn quickly. Also, while learning, their protection ability will always be alarmed which means they are always there to protect their owners. Also, you need to remember that Tibetan Mastiff can be aggressive towards other same-sex dogs.

8. They are huge breeders that need a fence to guard

When you place your Tibetan Mastiff dog in your backyard, make sure it is large enough for them to roam. Also, don’t forget to build a fence around the yard. These breeds are huge, so you need to consider a big and strong fence to protect your pet. If not, then they might escape and go to other places that may cause them to get hurt or attacked.

9. They will be busy to keep patrolling at night

Another important reason why Tibetan Mastiff for sale is expensive is that because it is a perfect guarding dog that you can have with great characteristics. Guarding at night is not a big problem for them. Even, they will save their energy to keep watching during the night time. Thus, if you are keenly looking for a great guarding dog, then spending much of your money for this dog breed is very worth it since they are inherently a guarding dog for thousands of years.

10. The great companion

Besides exercising, you also need to bring them to socialize with others. Naturally, Tibetan Mastiffs are great for people’s companion. Simply take them to some different places to meet and socialize with different people. Keep on watching the dogs while they are around people and let them adjust to every new situation. Also, make sure they are already used to socialize since they are puppies so that they can be much confident, reliable and well-adjusted to any kinds of circumstances.

Based on the reasons above, you have known this huge dog breed little by little. In conclusion, many fascinating reasons above support the fact that Tibetan Mastiff for sale is supposed to be expensive. Also, these breeds are rare and kinds of the great ones. They come with a complete package; very nice and obedience to their owner, intellectual pet and a perfect guarding dog to protect you and family. If you are interested to buy this Tibetan dog, simply find the nearest place that sells one and prepares yourself with a quite big amount of money.

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